Monday, April 16, 2007


Ever since the miscarriage, my husband has been thinking about getting me a miniature dachshund puppy. We don't need another dog, we already have 2. They get along great, are well behaved, and are generally great dogs. They would be perfect if it weren't for the shedding. They are mutts that came to us unexpectedly, and they are my husband's dogs. They love him so much. They get excited whenever he comes home even if he was only gone for a minute. So he thought getting me a puppy of my own would help me feel better.

Maggie is sweet and looks a little like a coyote with a floppy ear. Her brother, Bandit, is solid white except for his ears and a large black spot on his back. He is a very regal looking dog. They are about 7 years old now.

A couple weeks ago M and I were leaving the house and there was this white puppy sitting on our doorstep. She had tags so M took her "home". It turns out the owner was getting divorced and he had given her to a neighbor who lives across the street from us. In our opinion this is not a suitable home for anything living, but that is another story. M told the man that if he got the puppy back again, we would take it. We both have soft hearts for animals, him more so than me.

So yesterday afternoon we got a knock on our door and the dog is now ours. It is a little spontaneous, but our heart went out to her. We sure don't need another dog. She is so sweet though. She is a Westie and weighs about 15 pounds and is about 18 months old. She doesn't bark and she seems OK with our other 2 dogs. She loves following me around the house, and is slowing learning the house rules. She would make a wonderful lap dog, but she isn't allowed on the furniture since the other dogs aren't. I might end up fudging on that rule. Her name was Haley, but I didn't want another dog with a human name, so we changed it to Chica. She bounces around the house and seems really happy in her new home.

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