Friday, April 27, 2007


After work yesterday I was feeling pretty down. I wanted to buy a dress for graduation and my cousin's wedding and on the way there just started crying thinking about our lost baby. I couldn't find a dress I liked that was appropriate for both occasions, and not outrageously expensive. I have no idea if I will be the same size in a month. While I was in the store I got a call that CF was in a car accident. She is shaken up but okay. Thankfully AGF was not with her.

M and I went to our favorite restaurant with a some of his classmates to celebrate their last college classes. One of his friends who still has a semester left is a 21 year old Malaysian guy. He made me laugh for 2 hours. He is a funny person in general, but there are also cultural differences.

He had fish and chips and was so excited that it was just like chicken except fish. When the server asked if he wanted fries or chips, he had no idea how to ask what the difference was. He finally said, "I want to ones like McDonald's." He wanted malt vinegar for his fish, not an uncommon request, but the way he asked cracked up everyone including the server.

He had never tried cottage cheese and that was one of the side choices so he asked the server, "How is your cottage cheese? Is it creamy?" She had no clue how to respond. We ended up ordering him some so he could try it. His face was hilarious when he did try it, there is no chance he will try it again.

I can't imagine how difficult it would be to live in another country, I admire him for doing it.

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