Monday, April 2, 2007

No complaints

I caught the last few minutes of Oprah last week. Her makeup artist was given the challenge of not complaining for 21 days. I decided I need to try that too. I am pretty sure I complained Saturday and Sunday so I am starting over again today.

I went to my doctor Thursday. She put me on a low dose of Zoloft, I go back in 4 weeks to see if it is helping. I am going to a perinatal loss support group tomorrow and I have an intake session for counseling with my husband on Friday.

I have committed to myself to get 30 minutes of some type of cardio daily and 60 minutes 3 times per week. I also have committed to do strength training 3 times per week. I am recording my workouts in my calendar. So far all is well, I even went for a walk at 11 on Saturday night just to meet my goal. I normally go to bed at 10, so that was really good for me.

I would like to lose 5 pounds by my next appointment. Honestly, I would like to lose more, but I am trying to set obtainable goals.

A couple of people have told me that I don't seem like myself. My husband says that in the last 5 weeks I have only seemed like myself once. I am hoping that all these changes are helping me. I am ready to feel better.

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