Monday, May 7, 2007


Yesterday was graduation! I am so proud of my husband. He receive his BS in Mechanical Engineering, not exactly an easy major. He often spent 40+ hours a week studying. He is finally done and we will have some normalcy back in our lives.

His family that we were worried about offending by not inviting to our small gathering, did not show up this weekend. We could have done our own thing after all. I am trying really hard not to be upset. My energy levels have been low so I probably would have been stressed out so maybe it was a good thing.

M's sister is in town so we are thinking about telling her, her husband, and M's parents this weekend. I am pretty nervous about it. I don't want a million questions and I am still pretty sad about the first baby. Part of me just wants to wait and tell people once we are holding a baby in our arms, but I don't think it is feasible. I swear my stomach is poking out already. My pants still fit, but when I put on my graduation dress, there was a visible bump. I found some underwear that helped hold in my stomach so his family wouldn't be tipped off. It may be the baby, it may be the 10 pounds of stress eating, or it may be my imagination. I didn't want people talking though.

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