Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm Back

I had a wonderful vacation! I feel so relaxed and so much more like my old self. M said my eyes look happier.

I am 10 weeks, 2 days, today and feeling great. I still have no desire to eat certain foods, but my only cravings are fruits and vegetables, much to M's disappointment. This is helpful to me since I am worried about gaining too much weight. I survived the marker of 10 weeks and mother's day with very few tears. A thoughtful friend sent me a mother's day card to let me know she was thinking of me. That did bring a few tears, but it is always good to know I am in someone's thoughts and prayers.

I got seasick the first night of our cruise thanks to tropical storm Andrea. Fortunately the rest of the trip was quite enjoyable. We went to the beach in Freeport, went snorkeling in Nassau, and pet a dolphin near Daytona Beach. Well, actually I was too short to reach the dolphin, but M got to. It was still really cool being that close.

I finished telling my family about my pregnancy right before we left. I had knots in my stomach worrying about what they would think. Every one seems excited especially JE and JN. JN is going to try to get my niece, JJ, sometime over Christmas break so he can come see the new baby. It may take an act of congress but I really hope it works out. His ex is cooperating over Memorial Day and letting JJ go to our cousin's wedding in Kansas, so maybe she will cooperate about Christmas.

I can't wait to see her (my niece)! My dad e-mailed me some updated pictures of her last week. She will be six in a month and it is amazing how much she is growing up. JJ is such a sweetheart. When I went to Ireland I sent all my family postcards, my niece enjoyed receiving her own mail so much that ever since I have been sending her at least one postcard a month. JN told me that they really mean a lot to her. I may only see her once or twice a year, but I am doing my best to make sure she knows how much M and I love her. We sent her 3 postcards from our vacation. It was probably a little overboard, but she will love it. I also send postcards to my nephew but he is only 18 months so he doesn't quite appreciate them as much as my niece.

Today is M's first day as an engineer. He bought a new shirt last night and looked very sharp this morning. We were not lucky enough for Chica to have her puppies while we were on vacation. Instead, while M was on the way out the door he heard a squeaking noise coming from Chica and Bandit was sniffing at her weird. It turns out she had started delivering. There were 2 solid black pups. He sort of cleaned up the mess (I was already at work) and got her extra towels and set her up in our extra bedroom and then headed to work. My mother-in-law went over and Chica had 2 more pups and she thinks there will be at least 2 more. I can't wait to see the puppies. I haven't gotten the latest update, so I am waiting a little longer before I call. I am so grateful to have a mother-in-law with such a love for animals. I was really hoping to not have to clean up the birthing mess or be present for it. I am sure there will be some mess when I get home, but not as bad as it could have been.

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Tina said...

Vacation sounded amazing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Any update on the puppies??