Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yikes-50 Posts

I can't believe I have had that much to say. I am definitely improving so I guess this venting place has helped.

Today I went back to the doctor. They lost my note from my last visit, so when I met with the 3rd doctor I have seen at this office, she didn't know what was going on with my history. It also meant I waited forever while they looked for the notes from last month. ARGHH!

For the first time since my very first visit there, I was not overwhelmed walking in the door there. I did start to feel sad when a baby who was about a week old came in, but I held it together. I was very proud of myself.

My doctor found the baby's heartbeat which is good. I was nervous since it took her a minute. She also calmed some of my fears about my ITP reoccurring during pregnancy, it likely won't, but if it does the medications will not harm the baby. I responded really well to medication in the past so there is no reason to think I won't again.

Next week I will have another ultrasound to screen for spina bifida and something else. I couldn't decide at first if I wanted to do that or not, but I decided to go ahead. If there is something wrong with the baby, I will have the opportunity to research and be more prepared before the baby arrives.

Chica's pup, Chica Grande, opened her eyes last night. I am not sure how much she can see, but she is sure cute. I think 2 more will open their eyes today, their eyes look different than they have in the past.


Tiffany said...

good to know you were able to hear the heartbeat-that always sets your mind at ease-until the next visit at least. Good luck with the sonogram, I know those are always so fun!!

Chris said...

I'm glad you were able to have some of your worries calmed. Keep hanging in there!