Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stupid OB Office

My current OB office is pretty incompetent. I can never get lab results without calling, being hassled, leaving a message, and finally a day or two later being called back. I have ITP, low platelet counts. It is currently under control, but my normal platelet count is lower than the average person's. When they get low, I am tired, bleed very easily, and get big dark bruises all over my body. I go to a high risk OB because of this and the chance that my platelet counts may plummet during pregnancy. My platelet levels are monitored pretty closely but until I know the count, I stress because of the possibility of having to take medication or in a worse case scenario having my spleen removed or a bone marrow transplant. Neither of the last two situations are likely to occur, but I "like" to worry about it.

So, last Wednesday I went in for some type of screening. I agreed to the screening because I wanted to hear the heartbeat and get another ultrasound, not because I thought something would turn up. The screening involves the doctor measuring the fluid at the base of the baby's neck and drawing some blood. During the appointment, we were told the amount of fluid on our baby's neck was at the high end of normal. The pictures and blood work were sent off to a company that specializes in analyzing this and we were told we would only be called if there was a problem.

So, I am driving home from work when my cell phone rings. The caller ID tells me it is my OB office. My heart started beating faster. In that split second I figured the doctor was wrong about the measurement and that it was high. That made me think we were going to lose this baby too. At a stop light, I answered my phone, only to have the nurse tell me that everything came back normal.

I am relieved. That second or two of stress really made me nervous. I don't know why the OB office chose the one time that they were not supposed to call me, to actually call me. I got worried (even if it was just a short time) about nothing. They should not mess with people like that. They especially shouldn't mess with you after you lost your baby and they know you are worried about losing this one too.

Fortunately I have only one more appointment there and then I switch doctors. I am so excited!


Anne Marie said...

I'm glad you are changing doctor's offices. I hope you find someone that is sensitive to your loss issues and has half a brain about communicating with you. I'm glad it was good news. Hang in there, although you will continue to worry the whole time, it does get a bit easier.

Beka said...

Well, I am so thankful that you did get good news! I can't imagine how scary those couple of seconds must have been, though!

Melanie said...

I'm like you, every extra minute that you have to wait, your mind goes to the worst. Glad to hear things are working out for you!