Friday, July 20, 2007


For a long time I thought I would be a stay at home mom. I thought if I worked, it would be part-time maybe from home. Now that we are so close to being 100% debt free, I am not as sure. I keep thinking about the wonderful retirement benefits I have and the fact that I now make 13% more than I did last year at this time. Having no debt would really allow us to do some great things such as donating more money to our church's mission work in Mexico, buying bicycles for kids at Christmas, or helping a nurse we know who goes to Nigeria every summer to set up a free medical clinic at an orphanage. Those are things M and I would really love to do, but because of our school loan and mortgage, there is little extra room in the budget for those types of things. We donate what we can, but would love to do more.

After agreeing to work full time after the baby arrives, I freaked out. I realized that emotionally I really want to be the one raising my child. I understand that child care providers support parents, but I want to be the one my child spends the majority of the day with. I thought about skills I have and how I can work from home. I love cake decorating, but I am critical of my skills though. M and my friends think my cakes are great, but I see so much room for improvement. I am OK, but I am not good enough that I could book a wedding every weekend and 1 or 2 smaller cakes during the week and charge enough to replace my current income. Good decorators could easily make more than what I make now working 15-20 hours per week. I thought about getting a part time job at a bakery so I can improve my skills and then be able to work from home later. I knew of several bakeries in town, but most are traditional bakeries that focus on pastries and do cakes on the side.

Online I found the perfect bakery and it is not too far from my house. They specialize in unique cakes, not like the ones from the grocery store, they have the sculptured cakes (think 3-D Thomas, lady bugs, frogs, guitars, etc.) and unique flavorings. I finally got a chance to stop in last night and got a cupcake. It was raspberry with white chocolate frosting--yummy! I got to see some of their cakes and a portfolio and was really excited by what I saw and liked the people who worked there (from the few minutes I was in the shop).

I e-mailed the owner this morning to see if he would consider someone on a part-time basis on Saturdays and he asked me to e-mail him some pictures of cakes. I am thrilled! I am not sure if I am talented enough to work there, but I definitely could do cupcakes and learn more about the cakes. Getting weekly practice and not having to spend so time making the frosting and cleaning up will really allow me to improve. I hope he likes my work!!!!!!!!

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