Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Biking and pregnancy don't mix

Even though I can't run anymore, I am trying to exercise. I usually walk 1.5-2 miles per day. Yesterday I probably walked more than that running errands around campus. Then last night after supper M and I needed to return some books to the library. He suggested we ride bikes. I figured that would be a good idea since we would get there more quickly than walking and we wouldn't have to burn gas. Besides it is only a little over a mile and it wasn't too hot.

That was a bad idea. Even though I am not showing, the little bit of movement of my legs kept putting pressure on my bladder. I was completely out of breath and we were going so slow that it is amazing my bike stayed upright. I had my GPS with me and the first mile we rode was slower than what I ran a mile in not that long ago. That was kind of depressing.

We dropped off our books, I found a couple new ones and M asked if I was ready to go. I was still winded and had to wait awhile before we could leave again. He suggested riding back home and bringing the Jeep back for me and my bike. I decided that I'd ride back home and if I got too tired I would just walk.

I do not plan to touch my bike for several months, it was just not a fun experience. So if you are pregnant and your husband suggests a bike ride, I suggest you don't go, you will thank me for that advice later.


ultimatejourney said...

Thanks for the advice. When did you have to stop running? I'm just curious because I'd like to keep it up as long as possible.

Rachel said...

I didn't actually have to stop running because I was pregnant. I stopped because I was depressed from my miscarriage. I did continue to run and actually ran some after I was pregnant again but my run club took a break for a couple weeks then I was too depressed to go back. After taking a month off, I tried to run but it was too difficult. I thought it was because I was out of shape but found out it was because I was pregnant.

Before my miscarriage, my OB told me I could run as long as I wanted and felt comfortable as long as I was careful not to get overheated. She was/is a runner and said she was only able to run until her 4th or 5th month.

I think the combination of taking the time off and pregnancy were just too hard on my body. I also gained about 10 pounds between my first pregnancy and the stress eating after my miscarriage. I don't have any trouble walking yet, although I do get tired more easily than I used to and my pace is not as quick.