Monday, July 9, 2007

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Today is my birthday- 29 years old. Originally I planned to reflect on my life today, but this weekend was full of progress in healing, so I think I'll share that instead.

Shortly after Christmas my dad was in Tuscon for business. While there, he had his GPS with him as he always does when he travels. Someone asked him if it was for geocaching, a hobby my dad had never heard of. Basically there are things hidden all over the world. You go to a website, find the coordinates, then use your GPS to locate the cache. While dad was in Tuscon, he found his first one and was hooked. My brother Nathan and I have both gotten into it.

The caches may be a key holder with just a log, or a large ammo can filled with goodies that you can trade for. There are even variations such as travel items that are coded and have a goal to make it to a certain place so you help move it along.

The day before my miscarriage, M and I went geocaching and found several caches. We really enjoyed it because it incorporated the hiking I like and hanging out with the dogs that he likes. Even though we both had a really good day, I haven't felt like going since that day in February.

About a month ago I felt ready to go again while we were in Kansas. I forgot my GPS and none of my brothers or my dad had theirs so we didn't go. I found out later that we were within inches of one cache and didn't know it. Since then I have looked up several locations around town but Saturday was the first time we went. We looked for 8 but only found 7 caches. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Another healing event is that M will be out of town tonight. I haven't spent the night at home without him since February. I am a little nervous, but I know I'll be OK. Worse comes to worse, I'll let the dogs sleep in the bed.


ultimatejourney said...

Happy Birthday! Geocaching sounds fun...I might have to try it :)

Anne Marie said...

Happy Birthday!...and let the dogs sleep in the bed =) It does get better. For the record I still can't eat at Quizno's where I had lunch the day of my miscarriage.

chicklet said...

Happy birthday!