Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hope revived

Earlier today I planned to post on the pros and cons of pregnancy. I thought it would be hilarious. Instead it turned out to be dry and boring so I scraped it and started over.


When I first started this blog, I never planned to talk about pregnancy on here except about the one that ended too early. Then I got pregnant before I was emotionally ready again. I have decided that in order to document the healing process, it is probably helpful to document how my attitude and feelings have changed. One of the first blogs I read started out detailing her miscarriage, later talked about her pregnancy, and then talked about having a baby. In the days following my miscarriage, I found it encouraging that hope did exist. If you are currently struggling with infertility or your own loss, I want my experience to give you the hope that someone else was able to give to me. Thanks for "listening" to me.

Today I am feeling so much better than I did even a week ago! Ever since Monday when we found out we are having a boy, I have begun to feel like I did when we found out we were expecting the first baby. I am excited, I am planning, I am imagining the future. I am thinking about names. and it feels good!


Melanie said...

I'm happy that you are finally excited like it was your first pregnancy. You deserve it!

Orlee said...

I just wanted to let you know how much your blog is helping me. I recently had a miscarriage. It was our first pregnancy and it really crushed us. As we begin to discuss "trying again" its encouraging to read your blog and see that there are positive stories out there. Thank you for sharing your story. I feel like the only miscarriages I hear about are of women who have multiple miscarriages. The women who have 1 and go on to healthy pregnancy after usually don't talk about their experience! Thank you for sharing :-)

Sharon said...

I love that you wrote "hope revived"! I remember after I miscarried my first pregnancy I thought I would never feel hope again - how wrong I was.

It is very common for women who suffer miscarrage to suffer alone - it is great you have an outlet that helps you and others!

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

Founder, Our Hope Place