Thursday, July 5, 2007

I'm Tired!

Last night I did something I have never done in my entire life, I let a pet sleep in my bed. The only animal that has ever slept with me is the chipmunk that crawled in my sleeping bag when I was 3 (we were camping). Other than that, my dogs might sleep on the floor next to the couch while I take a nap, but I never let pets in the bed with me. I am a bit (OK a lot) of a neat freak and can't stand pet hair. I grew up in a house with tons of animals and the one place that was always pet free was my bed.

Yesterday for the 4th, we went to a cookout at a friend's house. M took along the poster I made for him to hang up at work advertising the remaining puppies. We found a home for Chunky Monkey and the couple came to get him last night. We knew the puppies were leaving but hadn't really prepared to lose another one that day. When the couple arrived, they said that their boss wanted one too if that was OK with us, so Hershey left too. That left Spur (aka Turd). Spur did fine until bedtime, but M & I were torn up about two more puppies leaving. M and I have felt bad for each of the puppies on the first night they spent alone, but last night was the first night we were the ones left with a single puppy.

I was already emotional from discussing my pregnancy with someone who just recently found out and then with the fireworks in the neighborhood we got to bed well after I was tired. Spur's crying from being alone made me cry. We tried putting him in the room with Maggie & Bandit, but they weren't having any part of it, so I told M that Spur could sleep with us. It was a restless night because I was worried about rolling over on him and already overly tired. I am not sure if I got more than 2 hours sleep total.

I am not sure what we will do tonight. The crying really bothers me. Some friends are stopping by tonight to see if they are allergic to Spur or not. If they are not, they might take him. In a way I am happy because the crying is so hard, but in a way it is really going to be sad not having the puppies any more. The positive will be that our house will no longer smell like a kennel and Bandit won't be stressed about the puppies anymore.

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Chris said...

Our beagle sleeps with us everynight, and if she has things her way she is wedged right between us! We go to sleep with her at the foot of the bed and wake up with her up on our pillows! When she was a tiny puppy she slept in her crate in our bedroom. The first night she cried and cried and nobody was getting any sleep. I had to have it right next to the bed and hang my hand over the side of the bed into the crate. Then she quieted down and slept, and so could we. Good luck!