Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Interview Today

Today is my interview with the bakery. This is going to be a different experience for me. I had no idea what to wear, I only knew a suit was too formal. I chose brown khaki type pants and a white cap sleeve shirt with a light pink satin undershirt thing. I made sure to put my hair back since part of the interview is decorating a cake. I'm going straight from work so I didn't have a lot of choice in changing or redoing my hair.

I'm not really nervous, other than having a professional judge my work. I don't really need a new job, I would just like to improve my skills. Pay isn't an issue, I'd probably do it for free. A professional looking at my work is nerve wracking though. My friends and family think my cakes are great. I see all the flaws that I know the bakery will also notice, I have no idea if I am qualified or not.
The baby has been kicking a lot the past couple days. M still hasn't gotten to feel it yet. The kicks aren't strong enough to feel on the outside of my belly. The movement is so comforting, especially since it is a month between each doctor's visit.
On Sunday, the friends whose shower cakes I made recently, delivered a baby girl. She was a 6 weeks ahead of where I was with my first pregnancy. I am actually feeling happy for them, I know they will make wonderful parents. When I first lost my baby, I was disappointed that she and I wouldn't be stay at home moms together. Now, that I am pregnant again, it is still a possibility.


Sarah said...

my husband just felt the kicks on the outside for the first time this week, i bet yours will soon too. good luck with theinterview!

ultimatejourney said...

Good luck with the interview! Let us know how it goes.

kiLikiNa said...

good luck with the interview! maybe when you visit me, you can taste the cake in my country.:)