Monday, July 30, 2007

The Joy of Pregnancy?

I am blessed with something that my family lovingly refers to as the [my maiden name] belly. We have very strong gag reflexes. It is something that I have sort of outgrown as I have gotten older, however I still get motion sick more easily than the average person. To combat this I avoid amusement park rides, driving on curvy country roads, and getting stuck behind diesel trucks. Sometimes Dramamine helps, but not aways.

The belly is notorious. As a child whenever we visited our grandparents, we would have to drive through Oklahoma City. The combination of changing highways, road construction, and oil refineries guaranteed that I would throw up on every trip. My parents started timing the trips so I would be asleep as we passed through. We never traveled without a supply of zipper top bags for the purpose of belly issues.

My siblings all have the same issue to varying degrees. Eli is the worst, he is almost 17 and probably throws up 2 or 3 times per week from smells, certain foods, car fumes, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, I have managed my "condition" and have not had too many issues as an adult, until I hit pregnancy. Now every time I brush my teeth I gag. I try to avoid my back teeth and do a good job flossing and rinse with mouth wash, but my teeth feel gross. I end up having to at least swipe over the back teeth with my toothbrush once a day. About every 3 or 4 days, brushing causes me to throw up. Then my mouth feels really gross.

Car rides even across town can cause me to get nauseous now. The other day I had to ask M to stop driving for awhile so I could get some fresh air and allow my stomach to settle. I was considering walking home, about 5 miles, that's how bad I felt.

I guess I should not complain because I am being blessed with a child. In the end I will probably forget about the bad stuff, but parts of this pregnancy are not fun.


Melanie said...

I would happily put up with nausea to be pregnant! Good luck with it :)

Sarah said...

oh god how miserable! in my family the [my maiden name] belly is just rather large and pudgy. i also hated that, but i think i'd take itover the puking. hope you find something that helps!

Rachel said...

In reference to Melanie's comment, I don't mean to sound disappointed that I'm pregnant. There are just certain parts that are no fun and the really strong gag reflex falls into that category.

Rachel =)

ultimatejourney said...

There are definitely parts that aren't fun. I don't see a problem with acknowledging the difficult moments. You clearly appreciate the general fact that you're pregnant.

Chris said...

Oh I so sorry you have to go through this yucky part. Actually, I have heard that it is fairly common for toothbrushing to make pregnant women throw up. I also think I've read something about how "fruity" flavored toothpaste as opposed to minty can help with that.

Kathleen said...

See, it's funny -- I have always had a cast-iron stomach. I could read in the car, loved roller coasters, etc. The only thing that made me gag was cleaning out the refrigerator.

Now? Oh Lordy...I have thrown up so many times in the past couple of months. Riding the bus to and from work gets harder and harder because of the motion.

Anyway -- I just want to say that I feel your pain, and I understand the "I'm grateful to be pregnant, but I want this to GO AWAY" thing all too well.

Melanie said...

Oh I didn't mean it that way at all! I hope I didn't offend you! I know you are happy to be pregnant and I didn't mean to come across that you aren't. I guess what I meant to say is that after a miscarriage, you probably aren't as bothered as much as you normally would be with nausea, even though it sucks! I'm sorry again :)

Geohde said...

I guess I better not rub in the fact that I am immune to pregnancy nausea! Never had it :)

I hope it eases up for you, must be rough!