Friday, July 20, 2007

Names- 2nd post today

So I have been writing this post in my head since yesterday, but got distracted by the whole cake thing. Since I don't normally post on the weekends, I decided to post 2 today.

Names are hard to come up with! In my family the significance of each child's name had a real meaning that we all knew. I was named after a good friend of my grandparents, someone my dad had admired since he was a child. My middle name comes from my great-grandmother.

My first sister's first name comes from a book that meant a lot to my mom. Her middle name comes from her aunt. My second sister's name is from my parent's best friends since college. The people who would have taken all 6 of us in should something had happened to both of our parents. Shortly before my sister was born the wife was diagnosed with MS and because of the seriousness of the disease and the complications her mother and one of her siblings had, they decided not to pass it on to their children. My sister was named in her honor. Her middle name is the same as our grandmother, and 2 great-grandmothers.

My first brother is named after his uncle who died in the Vietnam War. His middle name is his father's name. My second brother's name comes from my great-grandfather. My dad's first name is the same as my brother's middle name. My youngest brother's name is the result of a long car trip with 5 kids. He is the 7th grandson and each grandson's name starts with "J". It is hard to be creative when the best 6 names are already taken. His name isn't really a name, but it sounds very similar to a name. It fits him perfectly. His middle name is a common ancestor of my parents. Nine generations back on my mom's side and eight on my dad's side. Growing up knowing these stories, I really wanted my child's name to have significance along these lines.

M's family is a little different. His parent's chose first names that they just really liked. M's middle name is the same as his father's. I am not sure where his sister's middle name came from. They really identify with their last name. When M and his sister were kids, as they left the house their dad would always remind them, "You are a -----." It was his way of telling them that they needed to behave. At family gatherings they always talk about characteristics that came from this side of the family or that.

I had one name picked out for many years that I would name a son. Our last name with that first name is a name common in the history books though so that name is crossed off the list. Neither M or I care for our father's names enough to name a child after them. Same goes for our grandfather's except one. A few years ago I thought of naming a son after the small town my dad lived in as a child. It is a strong name, it could be used for a boy or a girl although it is really a boy's name. It is the town where the woman lived that I am named after.

The middle name we would like to use comes from our friend K. It is the name of her son who was stillborn back in November. We sent them a card yesterday to see if that was OK with them. We would like to honor their son, but if it would be painful for them, we don't want to do it. I really hope they say yes. If not, we will be back to the drawing board. We could use either M's first or middle name, a grandfather's name, his mom's maiden name, his grandmother's maiden name, or the name of one of my brothers.

Here is the name we have decided on for now: _________. I am going to delete it after a few days, but let me know what you think.


ultimatejourney said...

I love your cake idea. And your baby name. Especially the first name. I've been thinking about baby names for years, and I have a lot of trouble with boy names, but clearly there are some good ones out there for the finding. I hope your friend likes the idea of honoring her son.

Chris said...

LOVE the name!

Sarah said...

love the name! just clicking over here for the first time today and really related to this. it's so hard! we have similar traditions in my family. my sister and i both have our grandmothers' maiden names as our middle names, and i love how this keeps the women's names in the family. in my case though, that would make for a middle-last combo of Knott Long! hilarious, considering this baby was 5 years in the making, but still not sure i could do that to the child!

chicklet said...

Good name, I'm off to add it to the list I hide away and pretend doesn't exist but of course it does. Very good name:-)

kiLikiNa said...

i love the name and your cake idea. the name is rather unique... especially for a chinese malaysian like me. for us chinese, some of us have to follow this ancestry thingy for the middle name (first name in your context). in the end, we only choose their first name (middle name in your case). we already have a name if we have a boy next time since my hubby dreamt of the name after we got marrried.:)

Tiffany said...

love the name. We just decided on a boys name today! We've had the girls name since my first child was born in 2004-we just made a small change to it. for a girl we have JoAnna Michael-Jo is my mom's middle name, Anna was my grandmother's name and Michael is my dad's middle name. For a boy we have Spencer Evan. One night I was talking to my 2.5 year old son about names for a boy and for some reason Spencer stuck in his head-up to that point when you'd ask him about a boy's name he'd just say "no, baby girl". And Evan has the same meaning as our son's middle name, Owen.

Ok more info than you care to know but there it is.

Monica H said...

I'm coming to this post a little late, but I would like to know the name you have chosen if you'd like to share :)