Monday, July 16, 2007

New Doctor!

Today was my first visit with my new/old doctor. It was wonderful and less chaotic even though it was the first day in their new office. Everything was clean, organized, and explained to me thoroughly. I saw one doctor, one nurse, and one ultrasound tech. None of this being shuffled through 8 different people and having 6 medical personnel in the room with me. I never felt rushed or like I couldn't ask questions. I also found out she is still delivering at the smaller hospital so I get to choose where to deliver! I am excited to have options.

I had an ultrasound and the baby is doing wonderful. The heart, kidneys, bladder, spine, and head are all developing properly and measuring at the correct size. We also found out we are having a boy!!!!!!

M is so excited he really wanted a son first. I was hoping for a boy because I knew how much he wanted a son and because I was having trouble coming up with girl names. It seems every girl name I like is really popular and I didn't want my daughter to be known by her first name and last initial in school.

This was the first doctor's appointment where I felt like everything was going to be OK. I didn't hold my breath while they looked for the heartbeat because I knew they would find it. It felt good to be more excited than worried for once.

We are praising God today and thankful that this pregnancy has gone much better than the last one.


Chris said...

Rachel, I am so happy for you! And I'm very impressed with your newfound confidence to breathe normally while they look for a heartbeat. So glad that you have a doctor and office that you like too!

ultimatejourney said...

Congratulations on the baby boy! I bet you can't wait to meet him.

Anne Marie said...

Congratulations! It will get even easier in some ways as you progress, although in many ways it becomes even more terrifying. Welcome to Team Blue - boys are wonderful!

kiLikiNa said...

Congratulations on the baby boy! I'm truly happy for you.

Anonymous said...


It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!