Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Once again, I can't add a title. Today the title should be "Reflection".

Yesterday I turned 29, it is strange because this is the first age I vividly remember my mom celebrating. She seemed so much more mature than I feel. I am still surprised every time I get on a plane, rent a car, or reserve a hotel room that I can do it on my own. I am always surprised when kids call me "Miss Rachel" or when people refer to me as a lady instead of a girl. I guess I am waiting to have my "you are now a grown-up card" issued.

If you were to ask my 8 or 10 year old self what I would have accomplished at age 29, it would look very different that the person I have become. For instance, here is what I think I would have answered if you asked me how my life would look at age 29:
  • I would be the mother of 2-3 children and ready for 1-2 more
  • I would have visited all 50 states
  • I would have visited all 7 continents (Do they let "normal" people go to Antarctica?)
  • I would have "Dr." in front of my name
  • I would have written & published a book, maybe several
  • I would be famous (not sure what for)
  • I would own a house Martha Stewart would be proud of
  • I would own a ranch, probably in Texas, with many horses
  • I would be fluent in Spanish and learning a 3rd language
  • I would have run the Boston Marathon (and probably a few others)
  • I would have ridden my bike across the US from coast to coast (my mom's cousin did that in college)

Here's the thing, I have not accomplished any of those, but I am happy anyway. I have a newer list of goals that I update from time to time and only a couple of the things above even make that list now. The only things in my life I would change right now, is that I would be a mother at this moment and I would be working in a career I love. I am working on both of those right now though.

I am happy about many things in my life, especially with the man I married. I am pleased with the church I attend, having many friends, and the opportunity to travel several times in the past year. I am happy that we will be 100% debt free by 2010. I am happy that I have a baby on the way. I may never check off any of the goals I had for myself when I was a kid, but I love my life anyway.


Chris said...

Indeed, you are certainly quite blessed, and I wish you many more blessings to come.

ultimatejourney said...

I don't think you can ask for much more than loving life.