Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Poison Ivy Stinks

On Saturday when we were geocaching, I must have gotten into poison ivy. I am not sure how since we only saw it in one location and I was careful not to touch it. All of my spots are on my face, neck, stomach, chest, and back. With the exception of my face & neck, all those areas were covered. I have no spots on my legs or ankles even though I was wearing capris that day.

The other weird thing is that I didn't start breaking out until the middle of the night Sunday night, early Monday morning. I keep getting new spots even though it supposedly doesn't spread from scratching (which I have been trying not to do). Everything I wore Saturday went directly into the washing machine when we got home because I was sweaty and muddy. I have changed the sheets and washed all the towels and still new spots are appearing. M broke out Saturday afternoon so I am thinking I got it from him.

I have put a call into my doctor to see if there is anything I can do. I can take Benedryl which helps with the itching but makes me very sleepy. From what I have read it sounds like I can't put cortisone cream on the itchy places. I have to check with my OB before I'll know for sure.

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