Thursday, July 26, 2007


I am in a really good mood today, I guess I finally got a decent night's sleep.

Yesterday was the 5 month anniversary of our miscarriage. I did pretty well all day. I did shed a few tears, mostly when I realized that we could be having a baby in 2 months. Of course, we will still be having a baby in December and that is such a blessing.

Over the weekend I found my favorite lip gloss again. It is really cheap $1.67, but I love it. I haven't been able to find it in a year and found it again. It is the perfect color and it smells good.

The weather has also been gorgeous lately. We started out the summer having many hot, humid days. I was beginning to wonder how I would make it through August and September. Then since the 4th, it has been cool and drier. The weather reminds me of summers back home in the upper midwest, minus the bugs. I am really enjoying it.

Thanks for the comments on the adoption thing. M and I have talked for a long time about adopting a child someday. I think that is part of why the special made me so emotional.

I am looking forward to the weekend. Every summer the university hosts a women's football camp. You get to spend the day with the coaches and athletics staff learning about football and touring the facilities. My dad and brothers are not huge sports people, so I don't know much about football. M played in high school and could have played at a small college after graduation had he not been in love with me. Anyway, he is a huge football fan, he counts down the days to the beginning of the season. I enjoy going to the games because of the atmosphere, but I don't understand the game. I think the clinic is going to be good for me because I can get the game explained to me in basic terms and it is set up so you can ask questions, even really dumb ones. I have been wanting to go to the camp for a few years, but with M in school, it wasn't in the budget. This year I get to go and I am pretty excited!

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ultimatejourney said...

It must've been bittersweet to mourn the loss of your first baby while pregnant with your second. I'm sorry for your loss.

I can definitely relate to how much a decent night's sleep can change the whole day.