Friday, August 24, 2007


Today is Friday! It is hot here again, yesterday we set a record high of 97. The previous high of 96 was set in 1943. Hopefully it will cool off some before my brother gets here next week. Midwesterners are just not raised to handle these temperatures.

I have never mentioned where I live, I guess to remain somewhat private, but I live in lkajsf and have since college. Yesterday foxsports posted a nasty commentary about how hillbillyish (sp?) our state is. A New Yorker wrote the article as if he had only read about this state and never actually been here. It was unkind, hit all the stereotypes, and specifically called a manager of a local restaurant a goon. It was accompanied by a stock photo of some girls who were not terribly attractive wearing rebel flag bikinis. I am sure somewhere in the state a girl owns one, but the average girl dresses "normal". The article really hit a nerve with my husband. He sent an e-mail to the 3 VPs at newscorp, the parent company, that expressed his distaste. Within an hour he received a personal apology from one of the VPs and the article was extracted. I am sure my husband was not the only one to write in, but I am glad he received a response, and I am glad that they are not furthering the stereotype of this area.

As for the woman in my department, I guess I never posted what happened. I won't go into all the details but she told me that my chest was getting huge and that by the time I delivered I would be all hunched over. Like I mentioned before, I am self conscious about my chest and was prior to pregnancy. I didn't need my insecurities aired where the entire office could hear them. As for firing her, I am glad they didn't. She is a temporary employee so she can be let go at any time without repercussion and without following the same procedures to fire regular employees. Even though I was really offended, I did not want to get her fired. When I found out one of the higher ups in hr wanted to fire her, I got sick to my stomach. All I really wanted was to not have my chest talked about in front of the rest of the office, and for her to know it wasn't OK to make those types of comments at anytime.

I am looking forward to the weekend. I finally finished going through all the maternity clothes my friends have given me (they have saved me a TON of $$), I almost have the contents of my old dresser transferred to my new one, and I'll start working on getting the baby's room to look less like a storage area and more like a nursery.

As for the nursery, I think we are going to paint the lower half of the room with dark green chalkboard paint (like grass), the upper half light blue (like the sky), and put either chair rail or a wall paper border between the two colors. I may have my artist friend help me paint clouds on the blue part. The crib bedding I like has trains, but I figure painting the room this way would look nice whether our boy later gets into animals, sports, tools, or cars. We can just hang different pictures and change the look of the room. The chalkboard paint is because I drew on the walls incessantly as a child. It didn't matter how many spankings I got, I continued to draw on the walls. I am really hoping our child doesn't do that, but at least he will have a place to draw.


ultimatejourney said...

I'm glad your concerns were resolved without the other woman being fired. It sounds like things worked out well.

Best of luck with the nursery decorations.

Geohde said...

The nursery sounds like it will turn out just beautifully.