Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The little guy has been moving A LOT the past couple of days. I couldn't figure out what he was doing because there is just not much space in my uterus. I heard that babies sleep a lot in the womb, but what do they do when they are awake? The movement doesn't hurt, but it does feel strange. I kind of liken it to the way a fish moves when it is pulled out of water, just kind of flopping around. The movement is also semi-rhythmic, not every second or anything, but fairly consistent. This morning I realized it was his hiccups I have been feeling. The poor little guy most be jolted all over the place because they are pretty strong. The movement is very comforting because it means he is still alive. If he goes a couple of hours and I don't notice him move, I start to worry. I guess you never quit worrying after you lose a baby.

Tonight is my first night back in class. I am really hoping that it will not be a room full of 18 and 19 year olds. I also hope that I am not too sleepy to make it until 8:30 when the class is scheduled to end.


Alice said...

A fish makes sense...it is flopping around in water. I'm just starting to feel mine...I can't wait until it picks up. I too worry if I don't feel it for a day or so. Do you have a doppler? I've found mine to be a lifesaver in the peace of mind area.

ultimatejourney said...

Poor little guy. I hope the hiccups go away soon.

kiLikiNa said...

I know what you mean by worrying all the time. I worry about mine all the time too even though doc asked me not to because it will just make the days longer. Well, I try very hard to listen to doc. And I hope the little guy's hiccups go away.