Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Itchy skin

The interview went OK. I have no idea if they will hire me or not. If they do, I would work about 4 hours on Saturdays, about the perfect set up for me. I was really nervous about decorating a cake in front of professionals. The cake turned out OK, not my greatest, but OK.
I learned something interesting about pregnancy today. As you remember awhile back I mentioned I had poison ivy. My skin hasn't really gotten better. I don't have a poison ivy rash anymore, but now I have little spots all over my legs and arms and I itch like crazy. I talked to my doctor about using bug spray and she said to use kinds lower in Deet and safe for children. I haven't been spending a ton of time outside and we don't have many bugs so I don't think I have mosquito or knat bites. I have been washing everything in the house like crazy convinced I have fleas or bed bugs. M keeps asking me if we have bed bugs, why are they only biting me and not him. Also, the dogs have no signs of fleas and I have checked the bed and all the furniture and can find no signs of bed bugs.

M has been saying for a week or 2 that what I have is probably pregnancy related. I have been blowing off that idea because it sounds ridiculous. In the past 18 months, about 20 babies have been born at our church, not a single mom has mentioned anything like this. Well, today I am itching worse than normal, so I started searching online. I came across something called PUPPS. The symptoms sound exactly like mine. It occurs in 1% of pregnancies, 70% of people who get this deliver boys, and it is genetic. Another joy is that it tends to be worse in later pregnancies. I have emailed my aunts, cousins, and my biological mom to find out if any of them experienced this. Apparently it does not affect the baby. There is also another condition that can lead to an increased risk of stillbirth, but my symptoms seems different from that. I may be calling my doctor today.


Melanie said...

I'm sure things are okay and nothing is wrong... I didn't mean to offend you by my last comment. I in no way meant that you weren't appreciative of your pregnancy. Again, I just mean that after a miscarriage, stuff like that probably wouldn't bother us so much and that I, as well as you, would happily put up with it after what has happened... so again, I'm sorry it came off the wrong way

Rachel said...


Hey, you didn't offend me at all. Sometimes when writing either on blogs or through e-mail, it is difficult to hear the tone of people's words. I just wanted to make sure people understood that I wasn't complaining about having a child, just the steps it is taking me to get there.

Rachel =)