Friday, August 10, 2007

Looking Up

Wednesday my rash got worse. The bottoms of my feet were covered in blisters and felt like they were on fire. I was frustrated that the doctor said the biopsy was normal. The baby didn't move hardly at all. I had energy when I got off work, but moving around made me itch worse so I had to sit around barely moving.

Thursday morning I woke up and my arms started to look better. I only had problems with my feet itching after I did a lot of walking. Most of the day I was relatively itch free. The baby moved a lot. I got a lot of stuff done around the house last night and it didn't wear me out.

This morning I am looking better again. By the time I go to the doctor tomorrow my skin may be clear! The baby is moving a lot again today. I think he is going to come through unscathed.

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Chris said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better and things are looking up for you!