Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Again

The buying spree has begun. Not M and me buying things, other people. My biological mom sent a package that arrived on Saturday with socks, blankets, scrapbooking things, and other miscellaneous baby stuff.

Sunday M's parents dropped off blankets and an outfit from M's aunt that is adorable. They also dropped off a quilt his grandmother made for the baby. It is beautiful. It is white with a bear hugging a blanket embroidered on the center. I am kind of scared to use it because it may get stained. We may just use it as a decoration. She put a lot of time into it.

I found a crib on craigslist that we are going to look at this week. I can't decide if we want a new or used crib but we can at least go look.

I followed up with the dermatologist Saturday. I actually met with a different doctor who I liked a lot better than the first. The first doctor was OK, but the new guy was so much more through. He scraped several of the spots and looked at it under a microscope and also did a bunch of blood work. He also asked me questions about everywhere I have been in the last 6 months and what medications I had been on. He ruled out scabies (thank goodness) and a drug reaction. He has not ruled out PUPPPS but doesn't think that is what I have. He thinks it is most likely cholestasis of pregnancy but won't know until he gets the results of the blood work. After I see my OB today he wants me to call him so we can come up with a plan of attack.

Cholestasis is a liver condition. I only did a little reading because what I found sounds like there is an increased risk of stillbirth. I decided that I don't need to do research on a condition I might have and get scared right now. The treatment would be a round of prednisone which I am also not keen on. It is supposed to be safe but I am worried about the babies kidneys and liver. I guess I'll know more after talking to my OB. She is pretty conservative with treatments so I think she will give me some piece of mind.

Some parts of my body are continuing to look better, but others are looking worse. So I can't figure out if I am healing or not. Hopefully I will know something by the end of the day today.


ultimatejourney said...

I really hope you get some answers soon. The uncertainty must be difficult.

Sarah said...

hope the OB appt and follow up call went well. fingers crossed for good news!

Geohde said...

I hope that it isn't cholestasis. I hope that it's something minor (but very annoying none-the-less). :)

kiLikiNa said...

I hope you get some good answers soon. And I really hope it won't be a big deal. Praying for you....