Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday again

Saturday was 6 months since we lost our baby. It was a pretty emotional day for me. I almost skipped going to the bakery, but went anyway since I knew it would help take my mind off the grief. I worked on a groom's cake shaped like Texas, a wedding cake, a guitar shaped cake, and cupcakes. It was a lot of fun. I didn't take any pictures, but still really enjoyed it.

I love my church, well actually the people there. Friday night M was working so I went without him to hang out with several other couples at our local philharmonic outdoor concert. A Beatles tribute band played with the orchestra and it was a blast. While there I spoke with the girl who lost her baby in January when she was 16 weeks.

It was good to talk about our experiences. She is expecting again, and is really nervous. She is already showing but hasn't told her kids because it was so hard to explain to them about losing the last baby.

I also spoke with one of the elders wives who is an oncologist. She is such a great person and was so comforting to me. In the past two years she has started a healing hearts ministry that serves people who have lost a loved one, experienced a divorce, or are going through another difficult time. She asked for a lot of input on how to help the women at our church who have lost a baby. She also reassured me that my original OB office did not treat me appropriately. Coming from a doctor, that felt good.

On Wednesday nights for the next 2 months our church is offering either a guided prayer time or an opportunity to do a community service project. Last week I slept through church, but the community service was donating blood so I didn't feel like I missed much. I didn't know about the prayer thing. I found out that they are praying for every single member, attendee, and visitor by name during this time. Last week they prayed for the unborn. They listed every single couple that was expecting, had lost a baby, was trying to conceive, was in the process of adopting, and those experiencing infertility by name if they knew it. To know that 50 to 75 people prayed both for the baby we lost and for the baby we are expecting was very comforting. Next week will be the children birth to age 2. It is so good to go to a church that cares so much for the people that go there and for the community around it.


Melanie said...

I know it must have been a hard day for you. I'm glad you have such a great place that you can go and the people care about you. It's nice to have people pray for you when you are going through a hard time. The church that I used to go to and my mother still goes, prayed for B. and I when we were going through it. It was very comforting.

Chris said...

You are a very lucky gal. I wish that we were settled into a church here. We don't have many options nearby. I really miss my church in California.

Geohde said...

Those kind of anneversaries suck.

It's six'ish months for me and my EDD soon.

Hang in there.