Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Starting to Freak Out

So I thought I was OK when the nurse said the biopsy was normal. Of course I can't stop searching for reasons why I have this rash. Since I don't have a medical degree and I've never worked in the medical field I am sure everything I am finding is obscure. The itching is driving me crazy! If I stay busy I can usually ignore it, but today I am having trouble. I have scratched my legs until they bled in 3 different places. I don't think it is possible to cut my nails any shorter, but I'm willing to try if that will help me not scratch.

I have looked up common misdiagnoses and found something called pemphigold gestationis which I have of course now diagnosed myself with. It is an autoimmune disorder and fits my symptoms. I have another autoimmune disorder which makes me more at risk for immune issues.

I am worried about the effects on the baby. Every condition with the exception of one that I have read about does not affect the baby. I am worried about the number of medications I have taken and am taking even though both my OB and the pharmacist say it is OK. Realistically, what I have is probably not serious although incredibly annoying. I just wish that I had some answers so I know that the baby is OK.

I am having trouble waiting until Saturday to see the dermatologist again. I wish they would call me up and allow me to come in right now. I'll see my OB on Monday and my general practitioner in 3 weeks. It's not like I'm not getting adequate medical care. I just wish someone would wave their magic wand and make me feel better.

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Jackie said...

Perhaps if you saw a doctor that would draw a CBC you could find out if you have an inflammatory reaction going on or if your autoimmune is all riled up. I really hope you're feeling better soon and get this behind you.