Thursday, August 30, 2007


I saw my GP yesterday. A new study involving zoloft just came out that it causes even fewer problems in unborn babies than originally expected. I still want to come off it so I am beginning the step down process. I am hoping that the combination of being medicine free and pregnancy doesn't make me go crazy. The comforting thing about the new research is that if my anxiety gets out of control, I can go back on. That is not my preference though.

I just called my brother, he found his gate and was on his plane. Since he is 16, I was worried he might have trouble, but so far so good. I reminded him to call me and to call mom as soon as his plane lands. My stomach is in knots for him. The airport he is flying out of has about 8 gates. He will be flying into a major hub for one of the big airlines. That airport has a tram and everything. I made sure he had a 2.5 hour layover just in case his plane is delayed and to give him plenty of time to find his gate. Thankfully he is not the nervous type and just goes with the flow.

On a totally different note, I just discovered a website that will convert your blog to book form. The pricing seems reasonable and once your blog is converted, you can still edit the book. Once our little guy arrives, I may convert this so that I have a record of my journey.

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Geohde said...

OOOhhhh a bloggity book.

I don't think mine would be a best seller, but I'm sorely tempted!