Thursday, August 23, 2007


The woman who made the comment about my chest is getting talked to today. I hate conflict so after this happened, I talked to one of my friends to see if she could help me come up with a snappy comeback so that if this type of comment is made again, I could say something that would get the point across that I don't appreciate these comments. Well, she told the head of employee relations and the rumor was they were going to fire this woman. I don't care for this woman, and it was very rude, but I didn't want her fired. I just wanted her to be more polite. No one official ever asked me about the incident until today. I found out that this woman's supervisor is giving her a verbal warning, I feel much better about that.

The man I felt guilty about telling I was pregnant, is expecting (well actually his wife is). She is due about 2 weeks after me. It turns out that he and his wife weren't really telling people yet and so if he seemed uncomfortable, it was because he felt weird not telling me about his own child on the way.

Classes started yesterday. I ended up dropping the two I was enrolled in and adding "Nutrition and Physical Fitness". I should learn how to develop individualized diet and fitness programs. I have been trying to get into this class for 2 years but since all the Nutrition and Kinesiology students are required to take this class and it is usually only offered once a year, it hasn't been easy. It will meet one night a week so I don't think my pregnancy will interfere too much. My only issue is that the final is scheduled for the day after I am due so hopefully the professor will work with me.

In case you are wondering, I don't know why I am taking classes. My job pays for me to take 2 classes a semester, so I do. I would like to work with obese children and help them improve their health, but I am not sure exactly how I am going to go about doing that. I have talked to the heads of the health promotion and public health and neither of them think their master's program exactly fits my plan, I need something sort of in between. In the meantime I am taking undergraduate classes in nutrition to help me get background knowledge before I apply to graduate school. I enjoy working at the bakery so much that I may not end up going to grad school though. I am playing it all by ear right now.


Elizabeth said...

Yes, school starting does restructure life! I can't believe that was someone at WORK who said that to you. Gosh - sounds like the verbal warning was an appropriate solution though. How terribly awkward!!!

Geohde said...

I have no snappy answer for the chest comments.

But is never ceases to amaze me what people think is acceptable to say. That isn't. At all.