Monday, September 10, 2007

Big Steps

This weekend was good, I made 2 big steps. The first is that I made a bib for the baby. I had some Curious George fabric left over from a baby blanket I made for a friend about 3 years ago. There was just enough left to make a small bib and it turned out pretty cute. I also dug out all the fabric I had laying around that I can use for the little guy. Then Friday night I stopped in the fabric store and actually picked out fabric with this baby in mind. I did get teary eyed, but I did it. He is going to have a selection of adorable bibs and blankets when I get finished.

The second big step is that I finished registering in the store, and I didn't cry or get emotional. M and I both got a gun to scan items so we wouldn't have to share. We already have a lot of the big stuff so mostly we registered for the basics plus clothes, toys, and books. We both had a good time.


Melanie said...

Glad to hear you are feeling much better :)

Sarah said...

woohoo, congrats! post pictures of your creations if you get a chance!