Monday, September 24, 2007

It went well

Sunday was a pretty good day considering. I did get teary eyed, but I was stressed out leading up to the day for nothing.

We slept in, stopped at Starbucks, then geocached our way down to the town where M's grandfather is buried. We bought some yellow daisies to put at the grave. The cemetery is in a really small town and there were no trees so I felt pretty conspicuous. These 2 old ladies gawked at us and drove past us 2 or 3 times and I was about to tell M to just forget it. I didn't like the feeling of being stared at when we really just needed some private time. The women left and I calmed down. We buried the box and letters. I also put a stuffed lamb and a couple pictures of us in the box. We prayed and I cried and then came we home. I think it was good thing that we did.

Later we found out that M's parents own the grave site next to his grandfather's and we could have used that site. We can have the headstone engraved if we want to, I am not sure that we will though. When his grandfather died, they purchased the second site in case his grandmother wanted to be buried there. His grandparents had been divorced for a few years before he died, but I guess they thought she may change her mind later. She has since remarried.

M did something very sweet for me. He had a frame engraved with yesterday's date, and framed the poem, "I'll Hold You in Heaven". He had printed the poem off my blog and had been planning this since April or May. It brought tears to my eyes of course, but it is a special reminder that we will always have of that day.

Overall it was as good a day as it could be. I am ready to move on.


Melanie said...

I'm glad to hear your day went better than expected, I was thinking about you. Although you will never forget, maybe this will bring you the closure you need.

Geohde said...




Chris said...

What a beautiful day! I'm glad it went well and that you are ready to move on.


kiLikiNa said...

i kind of understand how you feel. but being chinese, we're not as open... as least, those around me aren't. no one really likes me talking about my lost angels. and i don't know how will i go through it when the due date, 28 nov 2007 comes around. but, i'm glad that it went better than you expected for you and i'm glad for you.