Thursday, September 20, 2007

More zoo pictures

I wasn't able to put all my favorite pictures in one post, so here are the rest. I think I took 300 photos that day, so I just picked some of the best.
Just your average turtle.
A "white" lion. It took FOREVER to get my camera to cooperate when she yawned. Apparently laying around all day is quite tiring.
This picture was taken through the safety glass, so it has a greenish tint. I think the lions were my favorite. I usually like the bears the best, but it was too hot for them the day we went to the zoo.
Obviously this is not a zoo picture. The dogs loved sharing their futon with my brother. I think they wish M and I would share it with them every night. When the little guy gets older, we may let the dogs sleep with him.


Sarah said...

great pictures!!

The Town Criers said...

Great photos.

I'm sorry you're hurting this week. The roller coaster of hormones is so hard. And then add real situations that evoke emotions on top of that... Hope it all starts to even out soon.

ultimatejourney said...

That must've been a fun day! I'm sorry it's been followed by some tough ones.