Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shoes and dreams

I love my husband! Last night when I got home from class, he had gotten me flowers for no reason. I love that kind of surprise.

Something no one tells you about pregnancy is that how quickly you can go from being able to tie your shoes to not being able to reach your feet. Last night we were headed out for a walk and I couldn't tie my shoes! Only a couple days before I had no problems tying my shoes. Eventually I got them tied, but not before rolling around on the couch like an egg.

Another thing I heard about pregnancy but didn't realize until I experienced it is how vivid and strange the dreams are. I have always had vivid and weird dreams so I didn't expect much to change with pregnancy. Last night I had the worst dream ever in which M was murdered very gruesomely by a serial killer while a room full of our friends sat inside a house. The killer looked just like one of our ministers although somehow I knew it wasn't really him. When the police came they tried to say M hurt the killer instead of the other way around. No one would listen to my version about it because they thought I was trying to protect M. I was so glad to finally wake up and have M sleeping next to me. I told him I really needed a hug and he put his arm around me which was so comforting after a terrible dream. This morning though he had no recollection of that, I guess it was all coincidence. I don't watch scary movies so I have no idea how some of the details of the dream worked into my imagination. Hopefully I won't have any more bad dreams.


Melanie said...

Oh my God that was priceless! Is it wrong that I find a pregnant woman rolling around on the couch to tie her shoes funny? :) You brought a smile to my face on a somewhat cranky work day!

SaraS-P said...

Yay for surprise flowers!

Elizabeth said...

That's pretty intense! I really hate that in-between moment when you wake up from a bad dream and can't tell what's really real or not.

Rachel said...

I totally forgive you for thinking my rolling around was funny. I was laughing too.