Monday, October 8, 2007

Almost forgot

On Friday I saw my OB again. Everything with little guy is looking good. His heart rate is 148 bpm, and I am measuring correctly.

I signed up for the childbirth classes, we start in 2 weeks. I think that will help alleviate some of my fears. I didn't get to talk my OB about pain relief during labor, but I'll ask on my next visit. She gave me plenty of time to ask all the questions I wanted, but I just got emotional and decided that I should wait until another visit. I had a chance to talk to her about some other concerns. The first was that I heard a rumor she wouldn't induce until you are 2 weeks overdue. I found out she will induce you whether you want to be or not once you are 2 weeks overdue. She said as long as everything is OK with the baby, she'll induce me anytime I am ready once I reach 37 weeks. If I want to go into labor on my own, she'll let me do that too. As much as I like plans and schedules, that makes me really happy. I'm not sure I want to be induced early, but I like that it is up to me.

The second thing that really concerns me is the umbilical cord issue. My friend K lost her son at 37 weeks due to a cord accident. Normally my doctor doesn't do an ultrasound after 20 weeks. She said with the situation with K and my ITP she feels like she can justify it and will probably do an ultrasound at 36 weeks. She didn't promise, but I think she'll do it. I am happy that we will know for sure everything is OK in advance. What a relief!


SaraS-P said...

I hope you get that ultrasound.

Chris said...

So glad you had such a good visit and that things look so wonderful. You are a lucky gal that your doc understands your fears.

Sarah said...

sounds like you have a fantastic OB, that must be a huge relief in itself. and i bet the classes will make you feel much better too.