Friday, October 26, 2007

Class Helpful

Yesterday's post should have been title Thursday, not Wednesday. I guess I got confused on what day it was.

The class last night was actually helpful. I am not sure I learned much, but it did help me relax. The tour of the facilities and being talked through where I would be when gave me a plan. Now I know if I go into labor at this time, I use this door, etc. I know when to go to the hospital. I know the hospital has wireless access. I know I can keep visitors away or have as many as I want. Knowing the little details helps so much.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. M has his FE exam in the morning, it is his first step towards becoming licensed. I need to pick up little guy's rug. I have my midterm exam for my nutrition class on Tuesday and I am way behind on my studying. We have tickets to the homecoming game which we need to find a home for. Sunday is church, M's work picnic, and helping with the Fall Festival. I'd like to get all the stuff done in little guy's room and finish my thank yous, but I don't see it happening. Regular household chores need to get done too. I am tired thinking about doing it all. Prior to being pregnant, it would seem like nothing. Now it seems like a huge mountain and I don't know where the trail begins to get over it.


niobe said...

It actually does sound like a lot of stuff to take care of, pregnant or not. I don't wonder that you're tired just contemplating it.

Geohde said...

I'm so glad the orientation to your hospital was helpful. I can see how it would relax you not to be in a completely strange place when you give birth,


Sarah said...

whew, that does sound like a lot!! hope you get to take it easier this week.