Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Secret

Last week when we were at a consignment shop, I saw the diaper pails I plan to use for $5.50. I decided to take the $30 brand new one I had registered for off my registries. That way no one would spend money on something I could get much cheaper elsewhere. When I logged in to one of the registries I saw an item had been purchased. I was kind of surprised since it was over a week until my first shower, I figured most people do their shopping last minute.

M commented to me one day that he was surprised I hadn't been checking the registries. Normally I prefer to be surprised. I don't even want the slightest hint at a gift for me. However, I haven't been able to resist checking the registries over the past couple days. It is fun seeing what disappears. I have to stop looking or I won't be surprised at all at my shower. I guess I can't help myself.


ultimatejourney said...

At least the gifts will be wrapped so you'll be surprised by exactly which order you open them in :)

(I'm a closet registry addict too, although the only registry I've had to date is a wedding registry.)

kiLikiNa said...

you are so lucky to have baby showers over there. over here, there's no such tradition. and the worst thing is, people sometimes don't allow you to buy too much yourself! but, i can't be bothered. i'm gonna go shopping for baby items soon... maybe year end when there's sales.

Geohde said...

I think that it's just fantastic that you're getting to enjoy your baby shower, and so soon :)



Brandy said...

I so totally did that too!! LOL. I wasn't even trying the first day, I just wanted to update something we'd already decided to get ourselves. Then I noticed "purchased" next to an item and I was hooked. Oh well, at least it's things you've asked for so you're half expecting them anyway. :-)

niobe said...

Presents are good. And it's nice to see how many people are thinking of you.