Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Symptoms

After months of a relatively simple pregnancy, I have developed new symptoms. Beginning last week, my ankles have been swelling up by the end of the day. My ankles look like they belong to another person.

Then yesterday my hands started swelling. My anniversary band which has been too big, started to get tight. By the end of the day my fingers were tingling, almost like they were in the beginning stages of "waking up". It didn't hurt, but it wasn't comfortable. My lips are tingling today. I believe it is caused by swelling. The fingers tingling appear to be a normal symptom.

The other thing is last night I noticed red stretch marks on my belly. I had made it almost my whole pregnancy without stretch marks and now I am getting them at the end. I guess I am lucky to just now be getting them, and maybe they will go away.

My doctor has said that she would induce me anytime after 37 weeks (in 3 weeks). M is for that, he is ready to have the little guy here. I have mixed feelings. I have heard that induced labor is more painful. I also want to make sure everything will be OK with the baby. Of course, it would relieve the fear of a cord mishap. I have heard too many stories of babies being lost at full term. We have some time to decide, I just want to make sure to make the right decision.


Monica H said...

Call your doc to make sure your symptoms are normal and they are not symptoms of something much worse.

As for me and my opinion, I would rather induce just so you can know when the baby will be here and there aren't any risks of cord accidents. I know far too many babies lost because of this. If you're concerned with pain, get an epidural (or are you trying this pain free?)

Hope things get better for you :)

Geohde said...

Hon, just make sure that you're BP's ok. Swelling in preg is normal, but sudden increases and heads/face swelling may not be.



kiLikiNa said...

feet swelling is quite normal and the chinese will tell you try not to walk too much in the evening and take more rest then. for the other symptoms, maybe you should just give your doc a buzz. take care and i hope you'll feel much better soon.

ultimatejourney said...

I'm sorry things are getting unpleasant. I agree with the others that it's probably worth a call to the doc. I hope things ease up a bit so you can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

Manda said...

Crazy! Time goes fast. Just do what you can to stay comfy and get all your projects done!! Life's about to change! :)