Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Picture Day

Post edited to show after picture of living room.Here is our post shower living room mess, after I was about half way through putting stuff away. I am standing in the walkway and the entire middle of the living room is filled, there was no path to walk so I just worked around the edges. Our living room is not that big, but the mess was still impressive.

The living room once everything got put away.

I have all the clothes washed, all the newborn through 6 month clothing is put away. I have room in the closet for the rest of the clothes, but ran out of hangers. We didn't get our bedding at the shower but we found a set on ebay and should know in a couple days if we won the bid or not. The painting is done. We will pick up the rug later this week. The curtains and border need to be hung, but everything is coming together nicely. Hopefully by next weekend we will have the baby's room finished and I can post pictures of it.

Below are a couple belly pictures. I was feeling pretty good about my size until I saw these. I was really nervous about posting them, but decided it wouldn't hurt anything. Everyone keeps telling me that I haven't really looked pregnant until the past 2 or 3 weeks. After seeing these pictures, I think the are lying. I do have 7 weeks to go, so really it isn't too bad. I am not exactly sure how much weight I have gained, maybe 30 pounds. It is hard to say since I gained a little weight with the first pregnancy and then tried to eat my grief away. I have not weighed myself at home since March.

M says I look like a watermelon in this picture. I agree, but I love the sweater. I wish I had taken some pictures a month ago for comparison. The last pictures I took I was 19 weeks and my belly is no where close to the same size.


Monica H said...

A watermelon, no doubt, but a very cute one! Thanks for the pics.

Manda said...

You look great (and yes, pregnant!!). Glad you got lots of good loot at your shower. It won't be long now!!