Monday, October 22, 2007


The shower was a lot of fun. I was pretty nervous since I hate being the center of attention. M loves it, and I love having him in group settings so the focus isn't on me. I was on my own yesterday though and I not only survived, but I had fun.

We spent Friday and Saturday getting stuff done in the baby's room so that we would have a place to put our shower presents. M got the room painted and I got curtains sewed. We still need to put up the border and a couple of finishing touches. We bought a carpet and are having the edges bound which should be done this next weekend. We still don't have the bedding, but hopefully will soon.

We got a ton of clothes at the shower. Most of it was not newborn size which I am relieved about. I was almost 8 pounds, M almost 10. He is 6'5" and has always been above average size. I am assuming that our baby will be big, of course there is no way of actually knowing. Most clothes sized for newborns go up to 8 pounds. I was worried about having to exchange a bunch of clothes our baby wouldn't be able to wear, instead we got a wide variety of sizes. We also got a few items I really wanted including a pack & play and stroller. I was excited by these because had we not gotten them, I wouldn't have been able to justify buying them myself. I had a used stroller from my mom that is nice, but not very compact.

The thing I was surprised about is that we didn't get many of the basics that I had seen given at other people's showers. We only got a couple of plain onesies, 2 packages of diapers, and no bottles, sippy cups, spoons, or burp clothes. It's not a big deal because those are things we will be able to pick up pretty cheap and expected to have to buy anyway.

Our living room was a disaster last night! We had everything from the baby's room that would have been in the way for painting, along with the presents piled up. I took a picture it was so impressive. I got all the presents sorted last night and most of the clothes washed. There were a couple things I didn't take the tags off of because I wasn't sure if the item would be in season when our child fits into it. If he does, I'll wash it later. If he doesn't, I'll save it for the next child, or pass it on. I lucked out and don't plan to return or exchange anything we received. Tonight I plan to actually get everything put away. I have been reluctant to put anything in the dresser drawers because I haven't decided how I want them organized yet and I prefer to have a plan before diving in. I may just need to dive in though.

I am completely exhausted today.


niobe said...

Your shower sounds like a great success. Are you going to post the picture of the disasterous living room? I'd love to see it, though I can certainly understand if you'd rather not. ; )

Monica H said...

Congrats on your shower and actually being able to relax and enjoy it.

I'm with Niobe, I want to see your mess HAHAHA