Thursday, November 8, 2007


I had the conversation with my boss yesterday, it was no big deal. His suggestion is to go ahead and go on maternity leave and then come back and put in my 2 weeks. That way I'll get paid for all my sick, vacation, and Christmas leave without any problems. That adds up to about 3 weeks of pay, which will be nice. Otherwise my only guaranteed pay would be my vacation time, which is only a week. He said he would be flexible with me about the 2 weeks of working time, because we will need childcare during that time.
Our neighbors put up their Christmas tree already. I love Christmas, I love our Christmas tree, and I love decorating our Christmas tree, but I am a firm believer in observing all holidays in order. They put their tree up the day after Halloween. Then yesterday they hung some bells on their front door and a decoration on their window. By the time Christmas gets here, we'll have a whole Christmas village next door. I don't like to decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over, everything has to be in order.

M enjoys Christmas but he doesn't get as into decorating the tree as I do. My parents and grandparents have given me ornaments every year since my dad and mom got married. Each one has a special memory for me. When M and I got married, we started that tradition between each other too. He and I do a better job of finding special ornaments for each other than my parents/grandparents do. One year I was really homesick and he found a crystal star with my home state's seal on it. I usually find him sports or tool related ornaments. The ideal ornament for him would be a certain model Chevy truck but I haven't found one yet. We buy ornaments on vacation or if we see a funny one, we'll get it. I realized a month or so ago that with my due date, a Christmas tree may be more than I can manage this year. M promised that if I don't have the energy to set up the tree, he'll do it. I love doing it, so I hope I can, but I love that he is willing to since it means so much to me.

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kiLikiNa said...

i'm glad that you have such an understanding boss and husband. i believe we're both blessed in that sense. now that i'm pregnant, i work an hour less too. :)