Friday, November 2, 2007

Pregnancy topics

Our second childbirth class was last night, I think it is really helping me relax about labor. I am not near as worried about the epidural anymore. I am still not sure about being induced early, but I'll talk to my doctor Monday and try to learn more.

The video of women in labor did stir up bad memories of my pain during my miscarriage, but I was not as weepy as in the past. I know going through labor (if that is what I experienced) this time will have a different result.
In case you are wondering what to talk to a pregnant person about, here are some ideas of topics to avoid (unless you happen to be their doctor)
  • how huge their belly is
  • how small their belly is
  • how swollen they are
  • any horror stories you may have
  • additionally, don't touch their belly unless you have been specifically invited to do so (so far I am up to 10 unwanted touches)

Another tip, if a pregnant woman is walking towards the bathroom and continues walking when you say hi, just let her go. If during your conversation, she reaches for the bathroom door handle, let her go in. She has already waited a little too long to head to the bathroom since she was just in there. She was trying to hold off going again so soon. Her poor flattened bladder is about to explode and she would be horrified if she wet her pants in front of you. Thanks for understanding!


Andria and Co. said...

Mmm-hmm... the general comment to all pregnant women should be "You look great!" I get comments of "Wow, you are huge", and then those comments of "You are way too small". I am constantly wondering if I should put the cake pan down, or pick it up. Gah.

Geohde said...

The only clause I have to your very valid point is that the above is null and void if the preggers lady first rudely asks when I'm planning to breed and tells me I'm not getting any younger :)

Then all bets are officially off!


kiLikiNa said...

hah! i'm starting to get comments on "you look small" or "wow, so round! must be a boy" and etc. i'm trying very hard to hold my tongue. i hope more people would read your blog so that they'll know the right things to say!