Thursday, November 15, 2007

Swelling and horomones

Every night before bed I look down at my ankles and I am amazed at the size. I can see that they are swollen but it doesn't really affect me. My hands and face are swollen too and I can actually feel it there. At times it is hard to write or grip stuff. My doctor said it is carpal tunnel caused by pregnancy. Last night I realized how big my legs are, so I measured my calf muscles. They were 3 inches bigger than when I last measured them, probably the end of February or early March. I knew they were big, but 3 inches is a lot. Thank goodness for wide leg pants. This morning I looked at my ankles and they looked almost normal sized. I measured my calves again and they were 1.5 inches smaller. It's crazy!

My doctor said the swelling could be a sign of preeclampsia but I have none of the other signs. My blood pressure was a little elevated at my last appointment but nothing she was concerned about. I have chosen not to search about preeclampsia since my doctor doesn't think I have it and I don't need to scare myself.

I have been feeling pretty confident lately that we will be bringing home our son and he will be OK. Then Tuesday while I was at class, M went to eat with his mom. He took the most recent ultrasound pictures to show them off along with the previous ultrasound pictures so they could compare them. He picked me up after class and on the way home I was going to look at the pictures when he realized he had left them at his parents. It caused a ton of anxiety. We were in the truck with the dogs in back and it was starting to rain so he wanted to get the dogs home before we went back to his parents. I was so worried about something happening to the pictures during that 20 minutes. M asked me why I was so upset and I told him that if something happened it was my only proof that we ever had a son. I guess even though I was being kicked in the belly button at that moment and I had just learned everything was still OK, somewhere in the back of my head I am scared it won't be.


Geohde said...

If you get headaches, right sided upper abdominal pain, more swelling or funny black flecks in front of your eyes, please see somebody urgently.

That's a fair bit of swelling, I'm glad your OB is keeping an eye on your BP,


Aurelia said...

What geohde said.

Double in fact. Take care.