Monday, November 5, 2007

Worn out

I had another shower this weekend. Just a small shower hosted by a department I helped out back in the spring. It was fun. One of the girls did the belly rub though and it was so uncomfortable, I really felt violated. I didn't speak up and really wish I had.

Yesterday, I felt ill. My stomach, back, ears, and throat were all bothering me. I had so much I wanted to do. About midnight I woke up to M snoring and I flipped out. I took the next hour to finish several little projects around the house that seemed like too much effort earlier. My back was killing me, but for some reason it seemed imperative to get those things taken care of right then.

I didn't anticipate how worn out I would be during pregnancy. I figured I would just be able to continue on with life with the exception of quitting running around 5 or 6 months and enjoying naps on the weekends. I was really wrong. The good thing is that M is very understanding and does pick up the slack around the house. I get really frustrated though and often feel lazy even when there is no physical way I can do some things.

I have to keep reminding myself that little things are OK left undone. If the ceiling fans are dusty when little guy gets here, he doesn't care. If I do get around to cleaning them, that is a bonus.


Elizabeth said...

sounds like you are nesting! I can relate to the astonishment at how tired one gets. It seems unreal!

Christyna said...

definitely the nesting instinct. This is a good thing actually. Your body ir readying (is that a word?) itself for utter exhaustion (and it will be utterly exhausting) and readying your life and home for your baby.

You're doing great!