Thursday, February 25, 2010

3 years

3 years ago today we lost our first little baby. At that time I felt desperate and without hope. Today it almost seems as if it happened to someone else instead of me. So much has changed. I still miss that little baby, but in a different way than before. While I don't feel healed or over it, I do feel better these days. I still think about that baby every day, it was such a major event in my life that it is hard not to.

The experience of losing that baby makes me appreciate my son and new daughter more. I know that life is precious and nothing is guaranteed so I have to enjoy every moment with them. If you would like to see how my life is these days, please visit my updated blog: Raspberry Chip.

Raspberry Chip is now private. If you would like an invite to read it, please send me and e-mail: Rachel (dot)


Monica H said...

I thought of your baby too. So much time has passed for both of us and it is very different than before. But our babies will always be missed.

Anonymous said...

I lost my first baby Feb. 25th, 2009. The pain still beats through my heart. It is good to hear of others who have healed and been blessed with little angels.

krissie said...

I lost my first baby a week ago today. Not sure how I found your blog, but thankful I did. Read it from end to beginning today, as I recover from my d&c.

Thank you so much for writing all this down. And for giving me hope for the future.

All the best.

Krissie said...

me again.
I would love to read your new blog as well, but I'm not on your readers list. Can I be? Would it help if I told you that my favorite Greater's flavor is mocha chip?

Jamie said...

Just lost my baby - was 8 weeks along - last week. I found your blog, and I am now greatly encouraged. Thank you for sharing your story!!! We're going to try again as soon as possible, but you are so right... nothing replaces the one you lost.

Anonymous said...

I have just lost my second baby. Its such an emotional process. I hope that if I decide to try to conceive again in the future that all will be well and I wont have to endure this pain ever again. I thank God for the two precious boys I do have to raise. They mean everything to me.

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